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Region 11 Soar Truckee Combined FAI Contest - Truckee Regional day 6, 8/11/2012

Saturday August 11, 2012, Day 6. A terrific day was forecasted with clouds everywhere and light chances of overdevelopment in the Sierra near Mammoth Lake. The presence of a TFR near Glass Mountain was also a factor, so a 3-hour TAT task to Mina with a 30 mile radius, and to Bridgeport with a 20 mile radius was selected. The task had to be fair being the decision between the two pilots at the top. However, early after start, clouds developed on the Bridgeport - Hilton Ranch region expanding in width and altitude until the coverage was total for a vast area. Bill Gawthrop flew a bigger distance than Luke Ashcraft and consolidated his advantage thereby winning the contest. All contestants with the exception of Jonathan Hughes decided to quite the task and made it back to Truckee with exception of Sergio Colacevich who landed in Hawthorne. Jonathan was the hero of the day who slowly, patiently, cautiously and doggedly kept a high altitude, moved around the clouds and completed the task, winning the day with full merit and placing third for the contest - his first.

 All participants were satisfied with the contest, promising to come back next year. In fact on the last day, asked if they wanted a short flight to account for wear ant tear, enthusiastically responded that no, they wanted to fly long and far. We have to appreciate the location and weather of Truckee that permits fantastic flying. Only a regret: during the week of the contest there was no good weather to the north, which is so beautiful and interesting. Thanks must be given to the contestants for their enthusiasm, and to the staff and helpers of Soar Truckee who, called to duty, produced their best as they always do.

Posted: 8/12/2012


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