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Region 11 Soar Truckee Combined FAI Contest - Truckee Regional day 5, 8/10/2012

Friday August 10, 2012, Day 5. Enigmatic weather this morning. Dr. Jack predicts clouds and good lift everywhere to the south and on top of us, our meteorologist Doug Armstrong warns about winds effect. Doug anticipates that because of the strong-but-not-too-strong wind, we will have one of those days that are unsatisfactory both for wave formation and for thermal soaring, the two phenomena disturbing each other. Doug predicts that return to Truckee will not be easy. So a 2-hour MAT without assigned points is selected, giving total choice to the pilots. In the end it happened that we had a wonderful thermal day to the south and east of the Pine Nuts, with the cloud dissipating later in the afternoon around Minden for a difficult return as Doug advised. However because of the short task everybody was able to watch for the evolving weather and had a good flight with no difficulties.


Luke Ashcraft won the day again - I told you to watch for this guy - with a great speed of 88 mph, handicapped to 77. He is just 57 points behind Bill Gawthrop so tomorrow will be a deciding day for the contest results.

Posted: 8/10/2012


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