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Region 11 Soar Truckee Combined FAI Contest - Truckee Regional day 3, 8/8/2012

Wednesday August 8, 2012, Day 3. Abundant cloud cover to the south was forecasted for today, and a 3 hours TAT task was assigned to Tioga Pass, Hilton Ranch and back. The way was blue to the middle of the Pine Nuts, but clouds developed early south of that and quickly covered the sky. The base of 16,000’ to 17,000’ gave room for maneuvering about the rainy cells, with strong lift from 7-8 knots to 10-11 knots in the storm updrafts. A couple of pilots determinately passed through the rain curtain rather than taking the long way around, experiencing 12 knots ahead of the rain, 1 knot inside the rain, and 10 knots down after the rain.


Winner of the day was Jonathan Hughes who is at his first contest with his Jantar. Jonathan flew with determination starting at 11,500’ renouncing to get to the 14,000’ of gate altitude, selected the best route through around the storm cells and fully deserved a victory.

Posted: 8/8/2012


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