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Region 11 Soar Truckee Combined FAI Contest - Truckee Regional day 4, 8/9/2012

Thursday August 9, 2012, Day 4. Truckee was idyllic the morning. Mild temperature, very clear and bright blue sky, calm air, the green of the surrounding trees and the harsh appearance of the mountains far away….. to top it all, the sense of peace was enhanced by the Beethoven’s Pastoral surrounding us through the speakers of the shed audio system. Of course within it was the reminder of the power of the thunderstorm, and thunderstorms are forecasted earlier and more spread out than yesterday in the Mt. Patterson area today. the task is then selected to the north , as a 2.5 hours MAT with first point in Susanville.

The task was supposed to be a sort of rest day assignment but it became harder than forecasted. We knew that part of it would be in the blue but we were all surprised by the absence of lift, and the paucity of strength and power of turbulence when there was some. Some pilots found lift just over the Susanville airport, some found wave behind the ridge and some had to fight at low level but all were able to get back to the clouds and making it home bur for one who landed out not far from Truckee. Winner was again Bill Gawthrop with a remarkable speed of about 76 mph.

Posted: 8/9/2012


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