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Region 11 Soar Truckee Combined FAI Contest - Truckee Regional day 1, 8/6/2012

Monday August 6, 2012, Day 1. After losing one contestant on practice, other three were gained at first contest day and now there is a total of seven. In the two preceding practice day the weather was exceptionally good (did you here this before?). On the wake of it, the task selected today was to the east, Flannigan (10 miles radius) - Rye Patch dam (30 miles radius) and back. Not much wind, clean air, white puffy clouds at times flattened by an upper jet stream of moderate strength. Lift in average 5 or 6 knots but with a good percentage of it strengthening to 9 or 10 knots. Cloud base 16,000’ everywhere, above 17,000’ later in the day. The only difficulty was presented by the last stretch home since the clouds had been pushed about 50 miles away from Truckee with very poor lift if any in the gap. Winner for the day (it will happen again) is Bill Gawthrop, second Luke Ashcraft - watch for this guy in the future, or even now for that matter - third Sergio Colacevich alone in the club two-seater. The only land out was suffered by a contestant who after doing a good flight, succumbed to the disadvantage of a lesser performance ship and was not able to cover the last stretch of poor lift.

Posted: 8/6/2012


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