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13.5 Meter Super Regional - Post Contest Wrap up with 1-26 Results

Racing Fans,

Well Team YYY is back home after a nice drive today. I heard that Daniel was going to fly as far east as he could today in 428 and then he and Ron will drive the rest of the way to Blairstown. The 1-26 breakfast this morning was good and here is a list of what I can remember for the awards.

Old Goat (Over 60) and Old Toad (Over 70): Schwartz

Old Buzzard (Oldest Contestant): Vickland (238)

Yardstick: One of the 215 Team of Root and Barr, not sure which, for a flight of 5.5 miles out of the start circle. Minimum required is 5 miles

Turtle: Glenn Fisher (508) for his first contest finish of 17 mph

President's Trophy (Fastest Flight): Sazhin (428) for his incredible flight of 43 mph

David Johnson Trophy (Highest Average score for a first time contestant): Sazhin (428)

John Greene Trophy (Highest Average for a contestant under 30): Sazhin (428)

Spiffy: Kevin Anderson (192)

Team Results:

3rd was Palmquist/Barkow in 053/264

2nd was Williams/Donahoo in 97

1st was Sazhin/Schwartz in 428

Individual results:

3rd was Bill Vickland (238)

2nd was Kevin Anderson (192)

1st was Bob Hurni (190), winning the coveted Marion Cruce Trophy.

Bob has been 2nd in this contest many times since he flew his first 1-26 Championships in the early 1980's. He was very pleased to finally get his name on the trophy and we were all very happy for him. It was a great contest in almost every measure and I think everyone had fun. Thanks again to everyone at TSA that made it possible!

Over and out,

Tony (YYY)

Posted: 7/19/2012


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