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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Tim Gardner wins

Tim Gardner was victorious in his first contest.  He flew consistently well during the week.  On the final day he said that he got a great start, flew straight, and only worked lift that was over nine knots.  Near the southern part of Day Five's course he found ten knots of lift near Rabbit Dry Lake and worked it to 15,000 feet.  He stayed high.  At the north end of the course he got to 14,000 near Tule Peak.  That gave him enough altitude to reach the last turn cylinder at Tracy and then glide to Air Sailing Finish.

 Going into the final day, JJ was leading.  What happened?

Meanwhile, back at the club house, over an hour after the start, we heard the deep voice of JJ call a restart.  Later, we heard that JJ felt he had a slow start and that he wasn't going to win unless he got lucky on another try.  After the afternoon winds kicked up and killed the thermals, 22T and JJ landed at Tiger.

We had better weather on the first four contest days.  The chance of good lift was always to the south.  One day during the contest, Cadet Moran said he had 18 knots on his averager during one climb.  Not bad!

Almost everything I try to post on the SSA blog doesn't show up, just the title appears.  That is why some of them are blank and I don't have time to waste, and I've wasted hours trying to make posts.  I'll copy and paste this and see if it works.  Then I can go back and edit the other days if it does.


Posted: 7/14/2012


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