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13.5 Meter Super Regional - Day 4 Late

Hello Race Fans,

Its been an exciting day here at TSA.  We gridded at noon and started the launch shortly after. Task opened about 1:15 and I observed a steady stream of gliders heading out shortly after. I don't think there were any late starters today. Conditions on course were good for me and I think for everyone else from what I've heard.  

There was only one relight that I heard and 3 landouts I think. Pete Vredenburg (483 "Bulldog") unfortunately was not able to get away and never got on task.  Daniel Sazhin, flying 428 Team, made it through the finish cylinder but didn't have enough to make the airport, landing in the field just south of TSA. 

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting scores, and so are we. Our Scorer Terry decided to volunteer as sniffer today as he was itching to fly his ASW-27B after being at the gliderport all week.  Unfortunately for him (and us) he landed out somewhere and is currently getting retrieved, so I doubt we'll have todays scores until Monday since most of us will be off to supper by the time he comes back and tomorrow we are taking a rest day.

For those who might be wondering, Mel Donahoo has recovered fine from his rough landing and is feeling much better. 

Ron Schwartz is talking about go kart racing for the rest day tomorrow, perhaps we'll see if he's as fast on the track as he is in the air.

Tony (YYY)

Posted: 7/14/2012


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