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13.5 Meter Super Regional - Day 3 Late

Well today ended up being the best day of the contest. The task was to Barnstormer with a 12 mile circle and then Stephenville with a 40 mile circle. Maypearl was once again the steering point although the radius was bumped up to 2 miles today which was appreciated by many of us.

We gridded at Noon and launched the sniffer right away. A quick pilots meeting and the sniffer was still up so the launch started.  We all managed to find some lift and I think there were only a few relights compared to half a dozen or so each on Days 1 and 2. I took this as a good sign. The gate opened at 1:20 I think and we were off.  Weather on task was generally good with a few blue holes but mostly clouds where we wanted to go.

For many of us coming back there was a large blue hole in the middle of the task area which we skirted around to the north.  I found 4 1-26's on my leg home from the 2nd circle and all of them made it home. Only 2 landouts today, Kevin (192) and Cathy (97). Kevin took a really late start and I'll be interested to learn in the morning if that was intentional. We learned this morning that his day winning flight on Day 2 also had a really late start but it was completely unintentional.

Bill Vikland (238) told me an interesting story about his landout yesterday. There was a church next door and they advised that the landowner was not friendly and it would probably be best not to contact her. They had threatened the church people with trespassing before. So in true 1-26 fashion the youth group from the church (20 teenagers) helped carry 238 over the fence. This is, of course, not the first or probably the last 1-26 to get carried out of a field during this contest.

Day winners were Pat Tuckey in 13.5 meter, who smoked us by 5 handicapped MPH, and Ron Schwartz in 1-26.  We do have a separate 1-26 scoresheet at the clubhouse now and I will make sure the scorer gets it up on the SSA website in the morning. Sorry for the wait on that.

Notable story today is that Glenn Fisher (508) made his first career contest task finish. He was greeted at the runway with a cold one and many handshakes. I'm pretty sure he still has a big and well deserved smile on his face. Glenn had just done a silver distance flight at Blairstown before coming out for the competition and is getting some really great cross country experience here.

More in the morning after the pilots meeting,

Tony (YYY)

Posted: 7/13/2012


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