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13.5 Meter Super Regional - Day 2 Late

Hello Race Fans,

Your evening report is a little late because your reporter landed out today. Sorry I'll try to do better tomorrow.  The Task was a 2.5 hr TAT, first to Hillsboro and then out to the northwest, then east back to TSA.  The gate opened at 2:10 and it seemed to me that most people headed out right away although I hear 192 call his start after 3 PM. 

There was once again a bunch of land outs from the 1-26's. The PW-5's and Jim Lamb (JL) in his Silent all made it around.  I think 3 1-26's finished, 192, 428 Team (flown today by weatherman Daniel Sazhin), and 97 Team, flown today by Cathy Williams. Notable is that today is, I think, the first day 97 has flown from TSA this year and made it back. Good job Cathy!

Once again I'll try to get an early report up between the pilots meeting and grid time. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and hopefully we'll have fewer landouts.

Tony (YYY)

Posted: 7/12/2012


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