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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day Three before launch

Some of the previous posts didn't take, operator error, I'm certain.  Today the task is a 3 hour MAT with the first turnpoint at Tiger and a required final turnpoint at Ranch Road, which is less than seven miles south of Air Sailing Finish.  We'll launch Cindy as a sniffer at 1215 in her Libelle and then the contest at 1230 if it looks good.  Al Barnes said that his 85 mph speed yesterday was probably his personal best in a contest.  He connected with a north/south line of clouds between the Pinenuts and Yerington and he was able to take it almost to Mono Lake and then back north with few turns.  Today's weather is about the same as yesterday's.  I've called Friday as our rest day so we expect to fly Thursday and Saturday and have our awards and banquet after a short day of flying on Saturday.  Lee

Posted: 7/11/2012


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