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13.5 Meter Super Regional - 13.5 Meter Super Regionals Practice Days

Hello Race Fans,

Welcome to the combined 1-26 Championships and 13.5 meter Super Regionals.

The two practice days here at TSA went well with everyone flying who wanted to fly.  Monday (Practice Day 1) a few 1-26's and the Cherokee II flew mostly with the intention of getting oriented in the local area. CD Jim Rider set up a 2.5 hr MAT which a few attempted and one completed. Weather was interesting with high clouds, thunderstorm build ups and large shadows to deal with. There was one land out.

Tuesdays forecast was similar with a higher chance of storms. Several who flew Monday chose to take a break but there were probably about 8 tows.  Temps ended up not getting to the forecast highs and the cloudbases were lower than expected and the the thunderstorms never materialized. A TAT was called, one attempted it, and landed out.  I think everyone else just flew locally.

Today is the first race day and the forecast seems better than yesterday and to be improving as the week goes on. We're all looking forward to flying. I'll be doing my best to get a report up as soon as I can in the afternoon after my flying is complete and I have something to report.

Tony Condon (YYY)

Posted: 7/11/2012


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