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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 7 Awards Ceremony

After the banquet, Rex Mayes introduced Dale Bush, the Contest Director to present the awards.

The Jon Cubly Trophy for the fastest speed in the Standard Class was presented to Dave Greenhill (who had both the fastest actual and handicapped speed).

The overall Standard Class winner and second were separated by 2 points!!

The Standard Class Champion for 2012 is Phil Gaisford, second  Peter Deane, third Steve Northcraft. Allen Barnes from Australia was placed third as a guest.

In the 18 meter class, second and third were separated by 4 points!!

The 18 Meter Class Champion for 2012 is Gary Ittner, second was Chip Garner and third Ray Gimmey.

Day winners were

18 Meter class - Chip Garner who flew 298.91 miles at 85.24 mph.

Standard class - Dave Greenhill who flew 285.53 (handicapped 261.35) miles at 81.62 (handicapped 74.68) mph.

Rex Mayes then took to the floor.

He thanked the pilots and  crews for making it a safe and hassle free contest.

After the banquet caterers were thanked for putting on a fantastic spread for the evening, Rex gave certificates of thanks to:

Dean Gradwell for providing the fabulous hangar and facilities.

Mallory  Lynch and Martin Grant who helped enormously in facilitating the contest taking place at Siskiyou County Airport together with the other members of Mount Shasta Soaring.

The Siskiyou County Airport team for all their help in particular getting the airport ready for the contest.

The tow pilots, Pete King, Rich Beardsley and Matt Acer.

Ben Mayes, both for scoring as well as running the line.

The line crew, Nick Mayes, Mark King, Ryan Fletcher and Alex Johansen.

Martin Grant and Dave Greenhill for the invaluable assistance on the task committee.

The sniffers, Roy Pentecost and Mallory Lynch.

Noelle Mayes who deals with all the administration and is the driving force behind Williams Soaring putting on these contests.

Dale Bush for bringing his wealth of experience to the role of Contest Director.

The pilots and crew showed their appreciation to each of the above named (apologies if I have left anyone out) as well as Rex Mayes for running the contest.

Rex was also kind enough to thank me.

Results will be posted on the results page.

Safe journey home to all.

That's all, Folks!








Posted: 7/5/2012


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