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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 7 - post briefing

Standard class day winner was Bob Fletcher. His glider was heavy so took a while to climb. He started later which meant that cloud base was already better. Had a strong run to the ridge crest at China, found an 8 knotter which took him to Carter and back. Was a bit conservative on the way back and ended up high so raced to the finish. "A fun day".

18 meter day winner, Gary Ittner gave his how I dunnit. Had a bit of a battle to get high at China, then connected to the convergence, standard class marked thermals to Backscatter. Almost missed out Deer Mountain, then had easy run to the last turn point and home.

Rex presented the weather. Still marine air out at the coast. Will be more moist today. High will be 87F. Winds will be calm and are forecast to be from the South this afternoon.  Gun Site Sounding indicates cloud with bases 13-14000 without too much shift as you climb higher. Medicine Lake showing slightly drier and lower. XC Skies shows it good as well. General view - a better day than yesterday for racing.

Dale presented the tasks. Task B is the primary task. Task A will only be if cloud streets go in that direction.

Task A - TAT  min 3.5hr - min 206miles max 364 miles - Gunsite Start - Callahan- Crater Lake- Lake Siskiyou Dam - finish Siskiyou.

Task B - MAT min 3.5hr - Gunsite Start - Carter- Dry Lake - Copco Dam- Schonchin - Callahan - finish Siskiyou.

Closing banquet will be at 7 o'clock.





Posted: 7/5/2012


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