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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 6 - end of day report

Pilot reports at the impromptu barbecue laid on by the Mayes talked of high cloud bases and long runs without turning. Getting low (below about 8500) was tough and necessitated taking 4 knot climbs. Those that dumped their water early found it difficult.

Cloud base at the end of the day was above the top of Mount Shasta and the convergence was still going at 7 o'clock.

Most pilots opted to turn Schonchin and come home. UR valiantly completed the task by rounding Radar as well. He said it was hard out East at the end of the day.

Preliminaries show Gary Ittner at 87.83 mph and 318.44 miles in first place and Bob Fletcher at 80.57 (73.72 handicapped) and 317.09 miles (290.14 handicapped) in the Standards.

I had, thanks to Rex's generosity, a spectacular flight in the cessna to Crater Lake.

Tomorrow will be an exciting last contest day, particularly in the Standard class.


Posted: 7/4/2012


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