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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 6 - Post briefing

Independence Day!

After the National Anthem, the briefing moved quickly to tasks and weather.

Rex ran through the weather. The weather pattern is improving. Drier airmass, light winds in the area, trending northerly with some cloud forecast.  Upper level winds remain a bit stronger and more southerly. Thermals look good to 10-12000,  with the strongest out to the East. A classic Montague convergence is forecast showing little change at 4 o’clock. Looks like a good racing day!

Task A 3.5hr MAT Gunsite Start, China Start, Backscatter, Carter , Schonchin, Radar Facility, Finish Siskiyou  

Task B  3.5hr TAT min 158.94 max 343.98 Gunsite Start, China Start, , Deer Mountain , Schonchin, Radar Facility, Finish Siskiyou  

Currently looks likely to be Task A (a racing task - specially for Ulf Ringertz).


Posted: 7/4/2012


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