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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 6 - second attempt

Good Morning!

Not a cloud in the sky on the way to the airfield this morning. Apparently this is good as Cu too early signals a difficult day.

It feels less humid and more comfortable today so let's hope for a good racing day.

Yesterday, those that launched post scrub (only a few) were rewarded for their persistence as later in the afternoon the cloud base reached 10,000.

As I type, Ben Mayes is tottling off in his cessna with Matt, possibly for some kind of navigation exercise. Otherwise it is only the ground squirrels that are moving on site.

There is a Northern Harrier that flies effortlessly and elegantly over the fields off the end of the runway, generally in the afternoon.

More after briefing.



Posted: 7/4/2012


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