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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 round up

There were plenty of tired pilots yesterday.

ICR (Craig Reinholt)'s road retrieve went smoothly. He said that the moon looked spectacular as they drove back.

It is tight at the top in both classes with just 29 points between the top 2 in 18 meter and 23 points in the Standard Class.The guys in third are not far off the points either so the pressure remains on. The lead changed in the Standard Class and Gary and Chip continue to battle in the 18 meter.

18 meter

day results

Gary Ittner  306.52 miles at 74.38mph

Chip Garner 301.94 at 73.2

Dave Nadler 295.36 at 70.80


Gary Ittner 4846

Chip Garner 4817

Ray Gimmey 4639

Standard Class

Day results (handicapped)

Steve Northcraft  248.99 miles at 62.28mph

Phil Gaisford 246.78 at 61.21

Bob Fletcher 253.51 at 60.79


Phil Gaisford 4788

Peter Deane 4765

Steve Northcraft 4708



Posted: 7/3/2012


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