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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 post flight

Nearly all pilots are back after their 4 hour task. ICR landed Butte Valley but has had to have a road retrieve due to the cross wind.

As forecast the wind set up as a strong Northerly for the returns.

There was a fantastic convergence running across from Carter to about Three Sheds which many pilots appear to have taken advantage of. The ocean side of the Marbles was clagged in and it blued out to the North.  The task appears to have been finely judged. We shall see when the preliminaries come out how fast and far people have been.

The contest director took me for a glorious flight in the ASH. We explored towards the Trinity Alps then back across the valley to Mount Shasta following the convergence to Three Sheds. We then came back to Goose Nest over THE pass. With three thousand in hand it still was quite exciting as there was massive sink. Max cloud base seen 12300.

A grand day out!

 Preliminary scores will be posted in due course.





Posted: 7/2/2012


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