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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 post briefing

The day winners gave the customary speeches at briefing.

Phil Gaisford found it good off tow at Craggy.–He discounted going east as this was unknown bandit country for him. He waited to start until  2.15  and then visited Quartz then the Marbles, ran the ridges once established, blasted home. On finding himself high he went into valley which is where he discovered rather more head wind than expected so had to ease off the pace. It sound as if  it was a day when he managed to recover from the tough bits without so much difficulty to bring together a good flight.

Gary Ittner also hung around at the start –thought it looked good on Marbles so assumed he would go that way but arriving at Quartz  he thought that rest of squad had headed east where thermal strengths had been forecasted strong so went there too. Once he hit Warden(?) he then headed south as thought sheer line was setting up. Seeing nothing on the PowerFlarm save for the butterfly so thought all others had gone farther east. He finally tunred Three sheds and then came  back, finding that 1400 above glide still felt tight crossing the pass on the way home!

Today's weather – started with the satellite  showing low fog to the west but this is expected to burn off. Tpday's  high is expected to reach 88F. Wind due to pick up out of North tonight.  Soundings (Gun Site, Medicine) showing drier than previous days. XC skies is more optimistic. Cloud bases look to reach 10,000.  Weather was livened by the Comp Director's dog and the Contest Manager's dog providing a commentary on Rex's interpretation.


Three tasks set - who knows which will be flown? possibly not the Crater Lake one!



Posted: 7/2/2012


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