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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 5 - pre- briefing report

On the way to the airfield, the car was reading 17.5C and small Cu were visible around Mount Shasta. According to a local, while generally early Cu are considered bad news, early Cu close to Mount Shasta are good. It tends to indicate a convergence so perhaps today will bring some good racing.

A bit about Siskiyou County Airport based at Montague.  The County has been very welcoming and accomodating to the contest, working hard to clear the edges of the taxiways and setting up the infrastructure. A number of the County transportation team have visited during the contest including Randy Ackanar (who is also a tug pilot) and Melissa Cummins, the Transportation Services Manager.

If you visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siskiyou_County_Airport  you will see an aerial photo of the airport as well as learning about some of its history. The asphalt runway is nearly 8000 feet long and is wide. It is entertaining watching the glider pilots who are mostly used to more confined strips managing their energy to roll to the intersection where the line crews are waiting.

The airfield and the surrounding terrain offer a variety of soaring  opportunities. The contest is generously co-hosted by Mount Shasta Soaring. The Mount Shasta soaring members enjoy excellent soaring opportunities in beautiful scenery in a relaxed environment. General aviation and gliding (soaring) interact very well on the site. Their tows are provided out of the Montague Airport - Yreka Rohrer field courtesy of the Montague Soaring Center, which is operated by the same redoubtable Mayes family of Williams Soaring Center fame who are smoothly running this contest.

Now we wait on the pilot briefing to see what today will bring. At Friday's briefing, Rex thanked the pilots for being so gentlemanly in spacing out their landings which makes life less hectic for the line crew. Inevitably, this resulted in yesterday's arrivals being much closer together with life far more hectic for the line crew!

I am particulary interested as I hope to have the second seat in the CD's ASH25.


Posted: 7/2/2012


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