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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 4 - Sunday - for real

Quote from the contest director  who flew in his super orchid ASH25 -  "a good day for recreational flying!"

The day started slow and very moist with the cloud well down on the hill. It was not clear as to when the day would get going.

 Two safety tasks were set.

Task A - Quartz Valley and then roll your own

Task B - Gunsite and Deer Valley and roll your own 

Cloud base staggered up until Mal reported cloud base at 7000 plus. 3 standard class gliders where launched as sacrificial lambs and stayed up so the game was on.

Conditions have been reported as weak for first hour but cloud base eventually reached 8500 and 9000 (one pilot even reported 11000). Dropping below, 4500 proved difficult and some epic struggles have been reported. This may have been 16's downfall as he had a visit to Scott Valley.

Pilots are exchanging tales of derring do over  beer and pretzels (kindly provided by Noelle) as they wait for the provisional scores.


Posted: 7/1/2012


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