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Region 2 North - This is The End

Friday started out very hot and humid, with a scorching wind from the WSW.  The weather forecast showed that we needed probably 93-94 degrees on the ground to get decent thermals.  But, there was a good chance that the wind would swing around to the NW, allowing us to again make use of the ridge. 

We launched around 1:30 into a very stable looking sky, but a combination of soft ridge and weak thermals allowed everyone to stay up.   The tasks were large AATs allowing us to (again) ping-pong along the ridge between Ellenville and somewhere just southwest of Wurtsboro.  

While we were able to maintain and even climb to almost 3,000 a few times, the ridge felt very soft in spots down low.   My back seater and I got a close-up look at the Ellenville hang glider site for a good 15 minutes, until a Bald Eagle showed us a decent thermal.    At 2:30, the advisors decided it wasn't worth the risk, and the day was called.  Most folks stayed up for a while longer, but pretty much everyone was back on the ground by 3:30.  

A quick awards presentation was assembled in the main hangar, and the winners were recognized.   By 5:00, most of the non-locals were on the road, and another successful Region 2 contest was over .  

Posted: 6/29/2012


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