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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 4 post briefing

How I dunnit speeches from Peter Deane and Gary Ittner.

Overall after three days

Standard  Peter Deane 2906 (widening the gap between him and second from 1 point to 82 points

Dave Greenhill 2824

Phil Gaisford 2805

18 Meter

Chip Garner 2917

Gary Ittner 2846

Ray Gimmey 2784

Two tasks have been set. Same for both classes

Task A TAT 3.5 hr minimum

Task B MAT 3 hr minimum

The weather does not seem to be picking up as fast as would be liked. Gliders are staged and now playing the waiting game. First launch not before 12.35

The fire tanker base pilot procedures were briefed as a precaution although it appears that the tankers are unlikely to return today and no TFRs have been established.


Posted: 6/29/2012


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