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Region 2 North - Still Windy

Hard to believe, but we're still under the influence of a monster low pulling away from Maine.  Locals can't remember the last time we had 4 consecutive days of strong WNW flow this late in the year.  

In any event, the call for the day was a MAT for both classes.   The hope was that folks would be able to get away from the same old turnpoints and make some  distance.  It was another strange day, with a few good thermals, some weak ridge, and even a bit of wave mixed in.   The rare "good" thermal got a few folks up over 6,000, but more typical thermals quit at around 4,500.  

Bob Templin figured it all out with a respectable 57mph (raw) flight.   Gregg Leslie and John Dezutti rounded out the top 3.   Gregg can ALMOST take tomorrow off with his 450 point lead.   Among the Bus Drivers, Hank Nixon got back to his winning ways, dragging the K21 around at almost 50 mph.   Fellow Valley Soaring member Nick Gradinski was second, with local Wurtsboro(er, ite, ian?) Bob Cooke in third.  

The weather for Friday looks like we may get in another task, so check back tomorrow.

Posted: 6/28/2012


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