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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 3 - after launch

Cu were popping even as the pilots' briefing was starting.

Day winners Peter Deane ( 2T  Discus 2a Standard) and Luke Ashcraft ( SD1  ASW27 18) gave informative speeches to the backdrop of their traces running on SeeYou. Peter Deane was wary of the cirrus but still found a great run of climbs under it to achieve his wnning speed. Luke had a great run up to Restaurant barely turning.

Staging has changed slightly so all gliders can pull off to the south side of the taxiway as the "puncture vine" caught a few tail dolly wheels yesterday. Dave Nadler (YO) had bad luck with a main wheel blow out while towing out so had to fetch the trailer to derig.

Rex gave the weather (flying solo on the computer as Noelle was offsite temporarily fetching provisions). Near normal temperatures are forecast for the next few days. It looks like the convergence is setting up well for today. The only concern is whether the cirrus will impact the task area again today.

Two tasks were set Task A a 3.5hr TAT  (Gunsite Start, Lake Siskiyou, Radar, Carter, Finish Sisky - min 124.04 max 297.82) and Task B a 3 hr MAT (Gunsite Start, Callahan, R-Ranch, China Start, Siskiyou County, Duzel, Copco Dam, Radar, Finish Sisky - nominal distance 235.51).  Task B is the chosen task for the day.

Some more photos have been uploaded onto the photo gallery including Allan Barnes view of Mount Shasta from a great height.


More later.


Posted: 6/28/2012


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