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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 3

Good Morning!

Sun is shining again. The deer are in the clover field unperturbed by the flurry of glider and tug pilot activity.

A few competition bits and bobs :

Types of gliders  and number in comp:

ASG29-18 = 4

Discus 2 (various variants) = 4

LS8 = 4

Ventus (various variants) = 3

Antares 20E = 2

ASW 27 = 1

Duckhawk = 1

DG 300 = 1

SZD55 = 1

ASW 28 = 1

LS4A = 1


Visitors : One Australian (Allan Barnes) and one Swede.

Among the US based pilots, I recognise three of them (Dave Greenhill, Phil Gaisford and Martin Grant) as originally British having encountered them when they lived in the UK and flew in UK competitions. Rumour has it that Peter Deane and possibly one more pilot also originated in the UK.

Most US based pilots come from the West Coast states although four have come in long haul from Massachusetts.


More after briefing.



Posted: 6/28/2012


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