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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 2 - round up

Much happy chatter as pilots hand in their logs.  The general consensus is that the task was well called by the task committee (Dale Bush, the competition director, Martin Grant for the 18 meter and Dave Greenhill for the Standard Class). As I write, P7, Gary Ittner is still on task after he called a late start.  Was this the right decision?

The weather picked up after the bothersome cirrus (WX's view) passed through. Pilots were finding climbs topping out around 11,500 as the thermals hit the inversion (PM described it as 6 knots - 7 knots - doh 2 knots  as the inversion was reached). Preliminary results are showing distances of 255 miles for the 18 meter and 210 miles for the standard class. Not all scores are in but at the moment, Chip Garner is showing in first place in the 18s and Phil Gaisford in the Standard class.

Preliminary results will be posted later this evening.





Posted: 6/27/2012


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