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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day Report 2

At the pilot briefing, Chip and Allan Barnes the day winners in each class gave their "How I did it" speech to the backdrop of their flights being played on SeeYou. Very educational to see how the fast boys did it. Chip opted for the South side of Mount Shasta, a route not frequently chosen.

This competition is the first where all pilots are flying with Power Flarm which is proving helpful as an additional safety aid.

Today's weather shows the upper level low has moved off to the North East. Temperature high 84, light winds mostly form the South. The soundings show less cloud, potentially going blue. Possibility of an early cut off.

Both classes have the same  tasks:

Task A  : MAT 3.5 hr 

Task B : TAT 3 hr

Details will be on the task page.


First launch 12.40


Posted: 6/27/2012


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