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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 1 final

The day proved tougher than expected as the forecast cloud bases did not materialise. The pilots' first challenge was crossing from China Start to Mount Shasta. Usually straightforward when cloud base is 10000 plus but today it was only 8500- 9000 - rather daunting! Mixed conditions appeared to be the theme of the day with one pilot declaring it a "typical Montague day".

Despite this, in the 18 Meter, Chip romped round with the Duckhawk achieving a distance of just over 255 miles at a speed of 72.65 mph, 8 mph faster than second placed  Ray Gimmey  and third place Gary Ittner.

The Standard Class produced a far tighter result, with Allan Barnes first, despite coming in under the minimum time. Dave Greenhill (2nd) and Peter Deane (3rd). The challenge is on, with less than 100 points between first and sixth.


Posted: 6/27/2012


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