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Region 2 North - Day 3 Back in the Saddle

After barely missing out on a flying day yesterday, the pilots were anxious to get back in the air.  Weatherman Bill Thar reported that the monster low over Maine (several standard deviations off the norm for this time of year) was continuing to churn, generating strong northwesterly winds and a lot of cloud cover.  Well, northwesterly winds equals ridge at Wurtsboro, so we gridded with ridge tasks in hand. 

Ths Sports Class was sent on an AAT lap race with large rings around two turnpoints.  The trick would be to see who could maximize distance into those rings while still making ridge speeds.  The Bus Class had an MAT, with the first turnpoint at Ellenville.  

The ridge was working reasonably well, though not without some soft spots thanks to a slightly too northerly wind direction. Gregg Leslie continued his winning ways, turning in a flight of 195 miles at 95 mph raw (83 handicapped).   Rob Dunning took secondly only a couple of miles per hour slower, followed by Claudio Abreu.   Among the Bus Drivers, Bill Thar trounced the competition, pushing a Grob Twin around the course at 82mph handicapped.   Erik Mann and Hank nixon were a full 10mph slower in second and third.

With three competition days in hand and three to go, it's still anybody's race.  Based on the forecasts, it looks like we should get in at least two more days of flying, so stay tuned.

Posted: 6/26/2012


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