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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Contest Day 1

Today has started sunny with cloud lifting on Mount Shasta. A balloon drifted up from the other Montague airport.

Pilots are completing final preparations before tow their gliders to the staging point on the east taxiway. This will allow griding either  way depending on the wind direction avoiding last minute change of ends.

Yesterday, the showers came but a few pilots took a launch. The sky was a mixture of high cirrus with cu below and wave bars. The wave window was opened. Allan Barnes took the opportunity to pick up his diamond height climbing to 23000 feet - one happy chap!

After yesteday's mandatory pilot safety meeting, Dave Greenhill gave a talk on flying from Montague for pilots who have not flown from here before which was well attended and much appreciated.

The task committee are now scratching their heads over the weather as well as looking out the window preparing today's task.

More after briefing.





Posted: 6/26/2012


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