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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 4 Report

As per schedule, a pilot's meeting was held at 10:00am.  The weather was reported to be a great day for soaring.  Moisture was predicted to produce high-based cumulus over mountains and scattered thunderstorm.  Increased moisture at ground level was predicted to boost easrly soaing conditions with thermal strengths 5 to 7 knots, stronger near cloud.  Top of the lift was predicted at 10,000ft in the valleys west and 15,000ft east near cumulus.  Winds aloft 15 to 20 knots, stronger in the west, and first workable lift to start at noon. So grid time was set for noon. 

The task was set to be four hours starting with Start Gate C, and then onto Bryce Canyon with a 25mi radius, then Salina with a 30mi radius, and then Exit 42 with at 30 mile radius, and then back to finish.  Minimum distance:140.85mi; Nomintive Distance:285.77mi; Maximum distance:433.55mi.

There was one re-light, but all gliders were in the air by 2:00 pm. There were six landouts, and gliders started returning to the field at 5:30pm.

Mr. Knauer even decided to fly the task as a guest in his ASH 25 MI, CG (Colorado Girl), with Lt. Colonel Gagen of the Air Force.

Top 5 Scores for Contest Day 4

1st Karl Striedieck, KS, 947pts

2nd Garret Willat, R, 879pts

3rd Gouglas Jacobs, DJ, 914pts

4th Sean Franke, HA, 980pts

5th Mark Schmidt, L4, 941pts

-Krista Knauer

Posted: 6/25/2012


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