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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 3 Report

A pilot's meeting was called for 10:00am.  Mr. Stringfellow reported that there would be lots of clouds but that it would be very windy.  Grid time was set for noon, but after Mr. Stringfellow went up lanch was held until after 1:00.  The gate open up after 3:00 pm and the task was modified to be a 2.5 hr TAT.

Top 5 Scores for Contest Day 3

1st Karl Striedieck, KS, 833 pts

2nd Garret Willat, R, 769 pts

3rd Douglas Jacobs, DJ, 709 pts

4th Sean Franke, HA, 718 pts

5th Mark Schmidt, 754 pts

Posted: 6/25/2012


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