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Region 2 North - Monday Almost But Not Quite

I awoke at 5:30 a.m.  to rain pelting the iron tent and thunder rumbling in the distance.  The anticipated cold front was obviously making its presence known. 

The forecast held out the hope for clearing by early afternoon and winds swinging around to the northwest, supporting local ridge.   Unfortunately, a couple of lines of showers developed, and some really heavy weather broke out just north and east of the field.   It was too iffy to call a formal task.  Several pilots went up in the 2 seaters for ridge training, and a number of nice flights took place in the glorious late afternoon ridge/thermal/wave.  Temperatures are already heading south from the 60s, with upper 40s not out of the question.  Anyone without a warm sleeping bag will be unhappy tonight!

Tomorrow looks like a strong/challenging day with NW winds in the 20s at altitude.   Could be an interesting one!

Posted: 6/25/2012


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