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18 Meter/Standard Class Nationals - Practice Day 2

Here we go!

Montague is the most spectacular setting for a contest with Mount Shasta as the backdrop.

Over the last few days, pilots and crews have been arriving at Montague for the Nationals. There are 11 entries in the 18 Meter including a Swedish visitor, Ulf Ringertz and 12 entries in the Standard class including Allan Barnes, all the way from Queensland, Australia.

The weather today looks a little confused for today's practice with a trough approaching from the West. Conditions are expected to become more cloudly this afternoon and there are warnings of possibility of showers or even storms later. Many pilots have chosen to do final fettling on gliders and  instruments to ensure all ready for racing tomorrow. The weather looks set to improve with temperatures rising as the week goes on.

Yesterday, a number of pilots took advantage of the first practice day flying an MAT, familiarising themselves with the airfield operations as well as the start, finish and landing procedures. The runway is so long and wide that some are finding it challenging to roll to the cross runway to clear - the line crew are hoping that with practice this will improve! There were good flying conditions in a strip SW/NE across Siskiyou County. Cloudbases were up to 10,000 ft (excellent conditions for one used to British conditions).


Posted: 6/25/2012


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