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Region 2 North - Day 2 More Good Stuff

Our day started with the morning pilots meeting featuring commentary from yesterday's winners.  As is becoming traditional, the speaches are given by the back-seaters in the victorious Bus.   Today it was Aaron Pankin (back seater for Nick Gradinski) from Valley Soaring who pointed out his numerous contributions to the team victory including:

-   Being excellent ballast.
-   Leaning into the turns.
-   Keeping my legs and arms clear of the controls at (almost) all times.
-   Retaining all bodily fluids.
-   Willingness to be disposed of if necessary (I was wearing a 'chute after all)

As far as today's flying was concerned, Day 2 started off very much like yesterday.   A cool, clear morning promised more good soaring, though our weatherman warned of encroaching high and mid-level cloud in advance of an approaching cold front. 
As it turned out, the day progressed pretty much as forecast.  Good climbs to 6,000 or better were available, though not every cloud produced.  Most of the fleet in both Sports and Bus classes went through the gate as soon as it opened.   From there, it was possible to find some decent lines that produced reasonable glides at good speeds.   As the day wore on, the thicker mid and upper level cloud began to reduce climbs dramatically, and toward the end of the task 1-2kts was more than satisfactory.

Most everyone made it around, with Valley Soaring coming in 1 and 2 in the Bus Class with Aero Club Albatross a close third.   In the Sports Class, Gregg Leslie (GL) made it 2 for 2 followed by Rob Dunning (V3) and Bob Janney (W2).  

The weather for tomorrow is questionable, but a passing cold front should generate several more good days after that.

Posted: 6/24/2012


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