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Region 6 South - Contest Day 6

The morning weather started clear and blue and the soundings seemed to indicate that would set the standard for the day. Shortly after the pilots meeting, cu started popping in all quadrants and never did dry out the rest of the day.With a threat of cirrus coming in from the west, CD Frank called a 2.5 hour TAT from CCSC to Double J (10) with a 10 mile radius, Richmond (37) with a 25 mile radius, Merritt (26) with a 20 mile radius, then back to CCSC. The entire fleet was launched by 1308 and some started off early after hearing some Indiana flyers becoming concerned about the cirrus moving in.

With intermittent reports of 8-10 knots lift up to 7600 and 8000 feet MSL, we were wonfering if we were still in Ohio. Some pilots reported a hard time getting out of Merritt and one landed out at Clinton County. Everyone else made it home for some interesting score sheet shuffles.

In the Handicapped FAI class, Erik Nelson (5E) continued his dominance and won the day again at an actual speed of 71.11 mph (are we still in Ohio?), more than 5 mph than the rest of the competitors. Overall, Erik won the Handicapped FAI class, with Jeff Russell (TZ) second and John Cotter (JC) taking third.

The Sports class truly ended with biblical perspectives, with Curt Lewis (95) needing just 72 points to overtake Don Kroesch (DK): both flying Genesis II aircraft. Unfortunately Curt only gained 71 points on Don and they ended in a tie for first place. Mark Akerley (AY) ended up in third place due to the last day land out.

 This was certainly one of the better contests at CCSC with six continuous days of racing. For his first time, CD Frank Paynter (TA) did an exceptional job calling tasks and now has the complete background to understand the CD role in a contest. My condolences to future CDs with Frank in the contest. But, we had a lot of fun this year at the CCSC Region 6 South contest and look forward to future events.

Rolf Hegele, Contest Manager

(My aologies for late posts, but we never did find out why my computer would not post to the site)

Posted: 6/24/2012


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