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Region 6 South - Contest Day 5 - Early

We had some light rain overnight but by the time I got up (late) the overcast was starting to break up. At the task advisor meeting I heard nothing negative about the weather and the CD (Frank) called Task A as a 3 hour TAT from CCSC (!) to Eaton (11) with a 5 mile radius, Randolph County (36) with a 25 mile radius, Frith (14) with a 5 mile radius, and back to finish at CCSC. The nominal distance is 145.6 miles with a min/max of 84.38/208.1 miles. Right now the weather looks absolutely gorgeous with cu in all quadrants. The gates opened at 1325 for Sports and 1335 for Handicapped FAI.

And tomorrow is supposed to be even better. The race is on. As the CD stated, “We have a race of biblical proportions.” This weather is sure making up for last years wash out.


Posted: 6/22/2012


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