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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 2 End of Day Report

*This report is late due to technical complications.


Today, there were no landouts, but there were four re-lights.  Gliders started returning to the field at about 5:45 pm and continued returning until 7:00 pm.  Most pilot's reported a booming soaring day.

Parowan Cafe provided an American Fair dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs at 7:00 pm.

Top 5 Scores for Contest Day 2

1st Garret Willat, R, 981 pts

2nd Douglas Jacobs, DJ, 933 pts

3rd Bif Huss, H7, 952 pts

4th Tim Taylor, TT, 950 pts

5th Sean Franke, HA, 951 pts

-Krista Knauer

Posted: 6/22/2012


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