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Region 6 South - Contest Day 4 Complete

Around 1525, we started hearing gliders calling their four mile position. It seems the downwind run to the Outlet Mall was rather quick because of the tailwind, but some competitors got fooled when they turned for the upwind leg. Unfortunately we had three landouts in fields including a gear up landing, but John Murray is working on that this evening so hopefully he’ll be back on the grid in the morning. We also had two aerotow retrieves but everyone else made it back to CCSC with varying degrees of success with the turn points. Erik Nelson (5E) smoked the fleet in Handicapped FAI by making it around all the prescribed turnpoints and climbed into overall 1st place for the contest. In Sports Class, Curt Lewis (95) continued his hold on the overall 1st place, albeit by a tenuous 27 points. The day winner was Don Kroesch (DK) maintaining his overall second place in the Class. Both Don and Curt are flying a Genesis II. We have a great contest going in both classes

The weather for the next two contest days looks good but we’ll still keep our fingers crossed.


Posted: 6/21/2012


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