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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 2 Midday Report

Today began with another 10:00 am Pilot's Meeting.  Mr. Knauer opened the meeting with reminders and house keeping, and then he turned it over to a firefighting pilot from Cedar City who reported a TFR over Ely.  Then Mr. Stringfellow reported that it would be another blue day.  

He said it would be sunny and blue with moderate winds. Surface winds would be calm early then becoming 8 to 12 knots southwest with maximum temperatures in the mid 90s.  So the task was originally set  as a three and a half hour TAT starting in Start Gate C.  The first turn point was White Pine Peak with a radius of 30 miles.  The second turn point was Bear Valley with at 25 mile radius. And the the third and final turn point was Graff Point with a 20 mile radius.  But the task was later changed to a 3 hour TAT with the same turn points.

After Mr. Stringfellow talked Mr. Kemp spoke a little.  Then Douglas Jacobs spoke a little about his flight yesterday and how he won the day.  He said that when he originally got up he found a strong thermal that he thought would take him high but he soon hit the top of the thermal and could not get any higher until later.

The meeting ended at about 10:35 am and grid time was set for 12:30 pm.  The sniffer, Mr. Stringfellow went up at 12:45 pm.  He came back down after about 35 minutes finding nothing.  He decided to go back up and try again at 1:35 pm.  This time he found great lift.  Launching began and continued until 3:00 pm. There were four re-lights.  The task was opened at 3:07 pm.

-Krista Knauer

Posted: 6/21/2012


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