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Open Class Nationals - Day 8 - The Best of Times/The Worst of Times

The forecast for the day called for strong surface winds to develop and for strong southwesterly winds (making the Sierra not useable).  We gridded early knowing we had to get in the air before the surface winds got too strong.

With the forecast for the north to be suitable and not having had the chance to fly there so far, we crafted a 3:45 MAT with 285 miles and 8 turnpoints to accomodate the day being shorter than forecast.

Just as the launch started good looking cu began to develop to the south, causing us to quickly craft plan B in cast the weather proved better in that direction.  The sniffers however reported very tough going once off the south end of the Pinenuts so we stuck with plan A.

Everyone was on course by 13:15 and making good progress. However, once southbound the going got rough. It turned into a heartbreaker for Ray Gimmey as he got stuck. F8 earned his contest id as the fox by being the only one to complete all turnpoints.  Although significantly overtime he took the day.

When the spread between the top three finishers in a National contest is 17 points out of 7200 it is a real  horserace.  Rick Indebro (in an ASW27 - go figure) is the new Open Class National Champion.  Mike Robison claimed second and Ray Gimmey third.  Ray also took the prize for the fastest task of the championship.



Posted: 6/21/2012


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