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Sports Class Nationals - Contest Day 1 Midday Report

Today's activities began with a Pilot's Meeting at ten o'clock in the morning.  Mr. Knauer began the meeting, and then Mr. Stringfellow gave a weather report.  He reported that it would be a blue day, sunny and again less windy with surface winds north-westerly early and then becoming five to eight knots northwest.  He reported that high pressure would start to build today, and maximum temperatures would be in the mid 80s.

Grid time was set for noon.  The task was originally set to start in Gate c, then onto White Pine Peak with at 25 radius.  The second turn point was Table Mountain with a 20 mile radius, and then on to finish.  Mr. Stringfellow acted as sniffer, but reported back finding very little lift, and any that he found was weak and sporadic.  So, Mr. Kemp decided to change the task to a two and a half hour MAT.  White Pole Mountain was the first turn point and Chalk Hollow was the second.

Launching began at 1:00 pm and all 43 contestants were in the air by 2:20 pm.

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-Krista Knauer

Posted: 6/20/2012


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