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CCSC XC Soaring Camp - Cross Country Soaring Camp - Day 2

The front moved fast overnight and we woke to foggy sunshine. By 9AM we were in clear sunshine and the day was packed with cu’s in all quadrants (I think that Frank’s black cloud has lifted). Presentations began again promptly at 9:30 AM and only lunch brought them to an end. Unfortunately it had been announced last night that grid time would be moved to 2PM (since we didn’t anticipate any clearing until the afternoon), so no one assembled early. All the participants were assigned one of five mentor groups and our four two seat ships were filled with pilot participants as well as those auditing the camp. Each group selected their own tasks and pretty much flew them in a leader/follower profile. We had no landouts and most everyone was back in the box before dinner and the evening presentation.

Right now the long range forecast has sunshine for the next six days which also covers the start of our Region 6 South contest. Let the sunshine roll.


Posted: 6/12/2012


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