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CCSC XC Soaring Camp - Cross Country Soaring Camp - Day 1

After a week of the best soaring weather we’ve had at CCSC for years, we woke up to RAIN (yes Frank is here). Despite that, we started on the camp curriculum (available at https://sites.google.com/site/2012xcsoaringcamp/). What an impressive site to see 21 participants with gliders and 5 auditing participants along with 6 mentors in our Clubhouse. After morning presentations, 20 participants rolled out their Condor gear for a racing task in Slovenia; won by Andrew Kriz (maybe Frank still has something to learn??). Our mentor for the afternoon was Scott Manley who has achieved fame in using Condor for flight training purposes. He helped get things set up and worked with the participants with their flying the task. The final presentation didn’t start till 7:30PM so it was a very full day for everyone.

After raining most of the day, the projection was for the front to pass us early on Tuesday morning with some sunshine starting around noon (but Frank’s still here). We’ll see.


Posted: 6/11/2012


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