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Region 6 South - Contest Day 3 - Early Report

The started with bright sunshine and by noon we were seeing wisps and cu’s staring in the NW and SE quadrant. This happened to be where our weatherman (Frank) predicted the best soaring weather would be. Everyone was assigned Task A, a 3 hour turn area task with Oxford (32), a 10 mile radius, and Randolph County (36), a 25 mile radius, as turnpoints for a nominal distance of 142.47 miles. The min/max was 83.66 and 204. Sports class launched first and headed out on course.

Just before the Handicapped FAI gat was to open, another check with the airborne task advisors recommend a change to Task B since the weather was looking stronger to the SE. The CD took their advice and called for Task B with a roll call. Task B is also a 3 hour TAT but going to Brown County (5) with a 25 mile radius, then to Ronshauson (38) with a 25 mile radius, and then return.

At this time 2:55, Spot is showing most everyone out on course. We’ll see how things develop.


Posted: 6/20/2012


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