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Region 6 South - Contest Day 2

As can be seen from yesterday’s scores, we had one finisher in each class and enough distance by others to make it a devalued day. So day one of the contest is in the bag.

This morning the sun was shining early and the forecast offered us a good day of flying. Yes, Frank’s black cloud has lifted again. He called a 2.5 hour TAT to Moraine (4 mile radius), Eaton(12 mile radius), Double J (15 mile radius), Fricke (7 mile radius), then finish back at CCSC. The nominal distance was 121.29 miles with a maximum of 189.7 and a minimum of 55.17 miles. Frank, the sniffer, initially had difficulty climbing, but the day heated up quickly and launch of the Handicapped FAI class started at 12:42. Midway during the launch, Frank, using his laser designator indicated that the cloud bases were at 4248 feet MSL. The fleet continued the launch and very soon we heard people starting out on course. The weather held as forecast and the entire fleet made it around the course and returned. A boring day on the ground after yesterdays’ landouts but glad to see everyone’s enthusiasm for completing the day


Posted: 6/19/2012


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