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Sports Class Nationals - Practice Day 2 Midday Report

Registration finished this morning between 8 am and 10 am.  A pilot's meeting was called at 10 am and lasted for about thirty minutes.  Mr. Knauer gave an opening adress, and then Mr. Stringfellow gave a weather report.  He reported that the weather would be sunny and less windy than yesterday.  The surface winds would be north-westerly and then becoming 15 to 20kt.  He predicted a cold front will move through during afternoon/evening with maximum temperatures in the mid 80s.

Taking weather into consideration, Contest Director Gary Kemp decided to call a three hour MAT task.  The task consisted of Starting at Start Gate D, then Pole Mountain, then onto Milford, back to Parowan, and then a finish.  The alternate task consisted of starting at Gate D, then going on to Beaver, and then finishing.

Grid time was at noon, and launching began at 12:30pm.  Thirty-four planes were launched by 1:50.  Three pilot's chose to launch late.

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-Krista Knsuer

Posted: 6/19/2012


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