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Region 6 South - Day 2 Contest Day One

We had a thunderstorm over the field at 7AM but then it quickly cleared into sunshine. With the sun on the ground all morning, we were gridded by 12:30 and that’s when our sniffer (Frank) launched. A short time later, he tried again and was able to climb to about 2500 agl. Shortly thereafter we launched another sniffer, Don Kroesch in his Genesis. When both started climbing through 3000  feet, we launched the fleets of seven Handicapped FAI gliders and 11 Sports class ships. Everyone was in the air in 40 minutes and the start gates were opened 15 minutes after the last class launch. We had two relights, but then everyone started out on course. The task was a TAT from CCSC to Madison County with a 20 mile radius, then to Lebanon with a five mile radius and return to CCSC. The lift was cycling quickly and the winds increased as the afternoon wore on. Making the day very difficult to get back with only two finishers, Curt Lewis (95) and Jeffrey Russell (TZ). Everyone else was accounted for and landed safely.


Posted: 6/18/2012


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